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There are lots of interesting places and events to visit in Pyhäjärvi. Vacation-goers also favour our beautiful and fish-filled lake, the child-friendly Emolahti sand beach, Pyhäjärvi’s recreational fishing area, women’s dances at Suurlava on summer Tuesdays and the Vitikkamäki nature trail.
In Pyhäjärvi, you can stay at hotels, cottages, places offering bed and breakfast, homestays and camping areas.
Those who enjoy nature can find ample spots for picking berries and mushrooms as well as for hunting in Pyhäjärvi. Possibilities for leisure activities are complemented with Lake Pyhäjärvi along with its boat routes and landing spots as well as the Pyhäjoki River with its recreational areas.
The upper part of the Pyhäjoki, a recreational area around 8 kilometres long, offers fantastic opportunities for reel fishing, trolling and fly fishing. Paddling up the Pyhäjoki has already become a tradition.