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Senior council

The senior council is a joint body for the town as well as the seniors and their organisations that operate in its area. The council steers the planning, preparing and monitoring of activities in different fields. The focus for these are the aging population’s well-being, health, participation, living, mobility and ability to carry out daily tasks.
The senior council convenes multiple times per year. In collaboration with various operators, the senior council arranges events during the senior week and the porridge party held in December.
The senior council is chaired by Pirkko Hautala, and Eeva Vaskilampi serves as the council secretary (tel. 044 4457 608, email eeva.vaskilampi(at)

Members of the Pyhäjärvi senior council 1/6/2017–31/5/2019
Member                               Deputy member

Pirkko Hautala, C                 Taimi Piippo

Toivo Huhmarniemi VC        Anna Marjoniemi

Eila Leppäharju                    Anna-Liisa Kamula

Tyyne Tuikka                        Kaija Muranen

Kaija Parttimaa                     Matti Huttunen

Outi Reuter

Raija Miettinen

Jukka Lehtosaari

Sami Laukkanen

Aino Tapaninaho

Eeva Vaskilampi, sec