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Department of administration

The department of administration’s responsibilities are: preparing issues that are presented for the city administration and council to be discussed and delivering these to institutions for handling; producing information on the city’s activities and financial situation as a whole as well as monitoring, supervising and designing activities and finances; directing the activities of the whole city group and carrying out general informing.

In addition, the department of administration is tasked to
- organise municipal, national and nationwide elections
- direct and promote the city’s employment-enhancing activities
- further develop health and well-being
- organise debt counselling and obligatory employment
- carry out archive management

The central administration registry, joint service desk, incoming and outgoing mail and copying services are located in the department of administration.

The city of Pyhäjärvi purchases financial and personnel administration services as well as IT services from the municipal federation of basic services Selänne, support unit Selma.