The town of Pyhäjärvi

Pyhäjärvi is located in the southernmost corner of the province of Oulu in an area we call Oulu South. It also borders on the provinces of Eastern Finland and Western Finland. The town belongs to the of Nivala-Haapajärvi subregion.

As the highway 4 (E75), the highway 27 and the Ylivieska-Iisalmi railway all run through the town, Pyhäjärvi is well situated in an intersection of communication and transport services. The town also has an airfield, with facilities for instrument flying.

The town of Pyhäjärvi. formerly the municipality of Pyhäjärvi, was founded in 1866, and it was then named after lake Pyhäjärvi, a lake of 125 square kilometers and rich in fish. Pyhäjärvi became a town in January 1993.

The town has a little over 6.000 inhabitants, of whom some 60 percent live in the two main villages, Pyhäsalmi and Ruotanen.

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Tita Rinnevaara, mayor